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Our hospital offers cutting-edge and up-to-date medical services, including the Acquired

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The hospital plays a statewide services includes the Acquired

Universal Hospital

General medicine

Medical field specializing in the comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide range of illnesses and health conditions in patients.

Universal Hospital


Treatments for infertility include medication, surgery, and assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Universal Hospital

Neuro surgery

Neurosurgery is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with injury to, or diseases or disorders of the brain , spine and peripheral nerves within all parts of the body.

Universal Hospital

Neuro physician

Neuro-physician is a neurological medical discipline that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of nerve disorders.

Universal Hospital

General surgery

Discover exceptional general surgery services at Universal Hospital in ECIL for expert care and advanced treatments.

Universal Hospital


Experience the exceptional ENT services provided by Universal Hospital in ECIL, where our skilled and dedicated team is committed to delivering top-notch care for all your ear, nose, and throat health needs.

Universal Hospital


Experience top-notch dental services at Universal Hospital in ECIL, where our skilled and compassionate team is dedicated to providing personalized care for your oral health needs.

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